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Simple. Straight Forward. Pricing

Pay Per Use

Simple & Quick

Pick License Agreement

New Songs Every Week


Be Unique

Get What You Want

Tailored To Suit Your Project


More Cost Effective

Negotiated Prices*

One-On-One Support

      Custom Music Pricing      

Initial Meeting/Concept




Studio Time

Variable Price

Standard License*

$50 per track / per use

Studio Time

Variable Price

Exclusive License*

$350 + $50 per month

* Others can use this track

* Others cannot use this track.

Further conditions apply.

      Pro-bono & Charity Work     

Since 2011, GMSounds has been supporting many students, businesses and corporations, both low & high budget projects and not-for-profit organisations with the use of music and SFX. We have proudly sponsored organisations from around the world to ensure that clients receive high quality music and the right tone for their setting.


So, if you are a student needing music for an assignment, starting up a project or a non-for-profit organisation, contact us and find out how we can support you.

Want your own Custom Track?...

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