Sound Effects (SFX)

For many years, motion picture directors hire sound technicians to produce and record Sound Effects, (also known as 'Foley' or 'Foley Artists') for their films. It is virtually impossible for a camera to truly capture the intricate, precise and detailed sounds of everything that is being captured and it is especially hard to feature

certain sounds from camera audio. Essentially our job is to receive a motion picture with no sound and then re-create all of the sounds to represent the visuals and help bring the film to life – to give it its character and liveliness.

We have worked on some major film projects from around the world and have won

numerous awards producing SFX for motion pictures. 

See below some examples of what we have done to date.

(And don't forget to turn your sound up loud to hear all of the intricate detail in the creation of Sound Effects SFX).

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