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If you know what you want, but can't find what you are looking for, contact our team and we'll help find you the right track for your project or occasion.

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"Being in the film industry for a long time, quality music to truly compliment and bring the imagery to life is hard to come by but yet so important. GM Sounds not only does this but also brings my productions to the next level. My clients are equally proud to showcase their business to GM Sound's music."

Hemma Kearney

Film Maker, Educator & Director

- Show + Tell Productions

"This music brings out the quality and essence of what is presented by the pictures and characters. Ideal for any film maker (and audience). Not only do GMSounds work very fast but also the whole working process was amazing, very productive and  enriching."

Elkan Spiller

Documentary Film Maker & Director

- L'Chaim To Life!

After something more specific? ...

Or Can't find exactly what you want? 

Speak to our experienced team and we can custom create a new track

or edit an existing track to specifically suit your needs. 

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